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Fusible Glass Jewellery Kiln

Learn to fuse glass in your microwave.

Product Features:

Learn to fuse glass right in your microwave oven. Create stunning pendants, fashionable earrings, snazzy bracelets and more.

This is the easiest how-to-fuse kit you'll ever find. A great kit for young adults and grown-ups who want to learn a craft they'll enjoy for a lifetime!

Kit includes: Microwave kiln, various coloured and decorative glass pieces, glass cutter, protective gloves, instructions and more..

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Product Description
It is now possible to fuse glass in your microwave thanks to an ingenious Microwave kiln.

Made from space age ceramic fibre similar to the protective surface on the space shuttle these kilns are not to be considered a toy and are in fact an economic and easy way to get acquainted with glass fusing.

You can crate stunning jewellery pendants, fashionable earrings, bracelets and much more. This is one of the simplest and easy ways to fuse glass we have ever seen. A kit is available containing full instructions and everything you need to learn a craft that young adults and grown-ups can enjoy for a lifetime.

This is an opportunity to create gorgeous kiln-fired glass jewellery and embellishments in minutes using your microwave! You can fire projects up to 75mm in diameter in as little as 3 minutes. The kiln is lightweight and compact for portability and easy storage.

The kiln is designed for use with a 800-1200 watt microwave with a metal interior. The results vary according to the microwave which we recommend should not be used for food if using the microwave regularly for fusing.

* The kiln will fire fusible and dichroic glass in as little as three minutes

* It is safe and simple to use.

* Firing chamber is 80mm in diameter

* Maximum firing temperature is 1090?C

* weighs less than 1kg
While the kiln can be purchased separately it is a good idea to purchase the kit as it comes complete with all the essentials. Starting off this way ensures that glass fusing starts and continues as a creative, fun and easy hobby or start up business.

The kit is excellent value in that the tools, instruction and a starter amount of 90 COE glass are all included. It is worth repeating, that although this kiln is very inexpensive, it is not a toy that can be given to young children to play with but represents a serious cutting edge solution to fusing glass to make beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Simply place the kiln in your microwave and watch the transformation of your simple cut glass shapes to pieces of jewellery. It is actually that easy.
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Here are some excellent videos on how to use the kit.

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