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Aldax Mould Making & Casting Craft Kits

Your 'Classroom in a box'. Learn how to make moulds, cast parts, create mosaics, resin jewellery and much more!!

Makes a perfect Christmas Gift.

What better gift could you give to someone this Christmas than a craft kit to stimulate their interest in a new craft or hobby.

We have assembled kits covering such items of potential interest as candle and soap making, resin jewellery, mosaics, mould making, glass etching, reproductions of babies hands or feet, plaster painting, sand etching, a kit for making antique car parts and for the fisherman a new kit to make those flexible fishing lures so much sort after.

In fact we can assemble kits for practically any craft you care to name to give a gift with a difference.

All kits come with all the products you need to complete the project including in many cases an original to duplicate or work with. Needless to say there are complete instructions included, with the added advantage that the recipient is entitled to a free lifetime of having their questions answered by our experienced staff.

Kits are designed to be a "classroom in a box". Most of the crafts are easy once you know how. The kits save you the problem of asking for information on what and how to use the basic tools and supplies. They contain products that have been proven to work after years of testing and save you making the mistakes that the testers have made.

Kits come with sufficient materials to complete several projects. No need to buy large standard packs only to find that a particular craft is not your thing.

Ring our new Rockdale shop02/9567 5786 if you would like to discuss the preparation of a custom kit for a Christmas gift. We will do all we can to assist you.

Our Current Range of Kits:

How to make a Resin Jewellery Bangle Using a Silicone Mould Kit - A complete kit which provides all you need to make a white resin jewellery bangle mould and cast resin bangles.

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Learn to fuse glass in your microwave - Create stunning pendants, fashionable earrings, snazzy bracelets and more with this easy to use kit. A great kit for young adults and grown-ups who want to learn a craft they'll enjoy for a lifetime! own resin jewellery.

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How to Make Resin Jewellery Kit - A complete kit which provides all you need to make your own resin jewellery.

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Plaster Casting Starter Kit - A great way to get started. 10 plastic plaster moulds,2kg plaster, 100ml CraftRinse + a free mould and instructions.

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Tiny Hands Impression Kit - This kit is specifically designed for those who wish to make life castings of their baby's hand. This kit uses MinitMold which is an easy to use alginate, non-toxic and is suitable for use for body casts.

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Latex Mould Making Kit - To make this kit as interesting and practical as possible we took step by step colour photographs of how we make wall plaque moulds almost daily in our factory. We then wrote easy to follow explanations of each step and produced the booklet which is included in the kit.

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Resin Casting Embedding Kit - Everything you need to start an interesting craft or a small part time business is included in the kit. It comes complete with Clear Casting resin and catalyst, two embedding moulds, wooden stirrers, a pair of plastic disposable gloves, two plastic measuring cups, 5ml resin dye, a measuring pipette, a vial of glitter and a book of instructions.

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